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Frequently asked questions.

Is Prestige Daycare licensed facility?

Yes, is licensed and monitored by the New York State Office of Children & Family Services.

What is Prestige Daycare Sick Policy?

The program cares for “Well Children” and “Mildly ill Children” - who are able to participate in the routine program activities with minor accommodations. A child who meets any of the following criteria is defined as “mildly ill” 

A sick child is one who is demonstrating one or more of the following symptoms:

What happens if a child demonstrates one of the symptoms described in the sick policy while at day care?

If a child exhibits one of the symptoms described in our sick policy during day care hours we would contact the parent/guardian to pick up the child within 1 hour after being contacted. If the parent does not arrive within 1 hour EMS services may be contacted.

Depending on the severeness of the child’s health condition 911 will be contacted.

Is a doctor’s note required before my child returns to day care?

If a child is excluded because of a reportable communicable disease, a note from the child’s medical provider stating the child is no longer contagious and can return to the program is required. 

Are child care providers required to take trainings, if so what type?



Are Fire drills conducted?

Fire Drills: The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) requires all licensed day cares to conduct monthly fire drills to prepare in case of an actual emergency. A log of the Fire Drills is kept in the information bulletin board. When conducting emergency evacuation drills, the regulations require us to periodically  alternate the exit we use  so children can practice both the primary,  secondary and back-up evacuation routes. 

Shelter in Place

The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) requires all licensed day cares to conduct a shelter in place 2 times per year, during which procedures and supplies are reviewed. A log of the Shelter in Place is kept in the information bulletin board.

Visitors during Day Care hours

Visitors are on a need basis for one reason or another pertaining to the day care. A visitor is considered anyone that is not a parent/guardian, employee, or household member. All visitors must sign in using the visitor log.

Incidents in the day care program

If your child is involved in an incident an incident report must be completed, presented to the parent/guardian during pick up and signed. If the parent/guardian refuses to sign a witness can sign the report. The incident report will be added to the child’s file. We will only provide a copy upon request.

In case of an emergency where evacuating is required where will the day care relocate?

Relocation Site: In case of an emergency resulting in mandated evacuation of a facility, children and childcare  providers will relocate to one of the 3 relocation sites. Relocation sites are located in your parent’s handbook. 

Can Prestige Daycare administer medication?

Prestige Daycare can administer Diaper cream, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Emergency medications such as an epipen or albuterol are only given if the proper forms are signed by parent and physician and given to us along with the medication in its original container. Labeled with the child’s full name. According to State Regulations, all paperwork must be completely filled out and submitted before administering medication to any child.

Are vaccines required at Prestige Daycare?

In compliance with NYS Regulations vaccinations are required. Each child must have form 4433 Medical Statement completed before their start day. 

Do parents have to pay tuition fees even if their child is out due to illness or vacation?

Yes, fees are paid during all absences; once a space is confirmed it is payable whether the child attends or not.


Who will care for my child?

Child Care providers offer direct care and competent supervision to children in the program.

What are the requirements to be a child care provider?

What is the child to provider ratio?

Prestige Daycare follows the child to provider ratio required by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) 418.8 

What method of learning is used at Prestige Daycare?

Prestige Daycare Center’s has a written comprehensive and coordinated planned program of daily activities appropriate for groups of children at each stage of early childhood. This plan is based on a statement of principles for the facility and each child’s individual development. The objective of the program of daily activities fosters incremental development progress in a healthy and safe environment, and that we are flexible to capture the interest and individual abilities of the children. All principles are developed with play being the foundation of the planned curriculum. 

What does a typical day look like?

This schedule is meant to give you an idea of your child's day. Actual times and activities may vary depending on time of the year, weather, age and temperament of the children.

​​Meals & Feedings

Are meals provided?

At the moment children are required to bring in their own meals. 

When are meals served?

Breakfast: 7:00 am

Lunch: 12:00 pm

Pm snack: 3:00 pm 

Children must be on site at the scheduled meal time

What happens if my child is not in daycare when a meal is served?

Your child should eat before arriving at daycare and will be served on the following scheduled feeding.

What happens if my child is sleeping during a scheduled feeding?

We will accommodate mealtimes for children under the age of 2 if they are asleep during scheduled meal time.

What happens if my child is not on the same eating schedule as the day care?

We will accommodate mealtimes for children under the age of 2 during the adjustment period.

Do you care for children who are breastfed?

Yes, Breastfeeding sets the stage for an infant to establish healthy attachment. Our caregivers are trained to encourage, support, and advocate for breastfeeding. We provide a unique opportunity to support breastfeeding mothers. 

Do children go outside?

Prestige Daycare goes outside everyday weather permitting.

Can I drop off my child outside?

Under no circumstances will a child be accepted outside of the daycare facility. Children must be dropped off before outdoor time and signed in.

Where do children go during outdoor activities?

More often children at Prestige Daycare enjoy neighborhood walks and visits to the park. At times they visit local places such as the library, supermarket, post office, fire house, and more.

Are any family events scheduled throughout the year?

Yes, we have special activities and events that take place throughout the year.

What are the Hours of operation?

Prestige Daycare Center Is open:

Monday-Friday from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm.

When is the program closed and what Holidays are observed?

Do parents have to pay tuition fees even if their child is out due to illness or vacation?

Yes, whether the child attends or not. Your child’s slot is guaranteed. 

What payment is due at registration?

The registration fee and first weeks tuition are due at the time of registration

What are the tuition fees?

Tuition at Prestige Daycare Center varies according to the age of the child, and hours needed for each family. 

When can I drop off or pick up my child?

General Policies:

What does my child need to have at daycare?

Parents supply their child's diapers/pull-ups, wipes, diaper cream, formula, bottles, bed sheets, blanket, pacifier (if needed), comfort item for rest-time, and change of clothes.

Rest/ Nap Time:

In order to maintain consistency from home to the daycare, and to meet the individual needs of children:

Infants will sleep according to their own schedule.

Children 2 and older will nap from 1pm-3pm.

Communicating with your child's provider

There are several methods of communication between Parents and Providers:

Who do I contact if I have a concern, suggestion, or complaint?

We advise you to speak with our Director or Executive Director or we ask that you contact customer service via email at